Cloud offers a mature utility model today. Its services are based on defined elasticity, responsiveness, metric, cost, security and resilience.

Capital Market firms have now taken the leap of faith in transferring business-critical workloads to the cloud provided by third parties. Many of these workloads use sensitive data and demand high performance. While this improves the operational efficiency, the responsibility of running a high-risk, high-volatility, high-quality operation still remains with the firms. To protect the brand as well as the bottom line, optimal choices need to be made on the selection of business functions, locations, interfaces, tenancy, providers and service contracts. Migrations to the cloud need transformational frameworks and selective re-engineering. Orchestrations of many moving parts are required to derive and protect the operational efficiency promised by the cloud. This panel will discuss learned lessons on recent transitions to the cloud as well as cutting-edge business capabilities which demand bridging the in-house technologies with third-party cloud services and external data.

Seminar Panelist: Michael Maffattone