Financial services firms have made a commitment to moving to cloud. That includes a cloud-first operating model, which can (if planned and managed effectively) deliver unprecedented operational efficiency: Companies that deploy cloud effectively can achieve as much as 40% operating savings.

But as with many transformational initiatives, the devil is in the details. Firms that do a poor job will find their operational costs rising (by as much as 25%) rather than falling.

For those planning a transformation effort to a cloud environment or those already established within one, therefore, the challenge lies in doing cloud well. That means effectively allocating and segmenting compute resources, deploying flexible application development services and adding robust security designs that satisfy cautious compliance teams. These are exciting days for service and product providers as they help businesses formulate the best strategies to turn this dynamic framework into competitive advantage.

This seminar addresses the practical, operational strategies to ensure your team is among those achieving cost reduction and performance improvements. Participants will learn:

  • Which cloud management, security, and integration tools are essential and which are merely “nice to have”
  • The fundamentals around key technology areas including cloud management platforms (CMP), cloud service brokers (CSB), cloud security brokers (CASB), Cloud data loss protection/prevention (DLP), DevOps and DevOps development, containers and container management, and automation
  • How to beef up cybersecurity and data governance to address the challenges posed by a cloud-first operating model
  • Insight into key infrastructure components, including software defined networking and storage and cloud-centric WAN design
  • How to optimally staff and organize to implement cloud-first initiatives
  • How to measure the success of cloud initiatives

Seminar Panelist: Michael Maffattone