Financial Information Management (FIM) Conference: Lightning Round Panel | Getting Ahead of Vague Regulations, Proactive Compliance for MiFID II, CECL and More

Data leaders across the industry continue to struggle with vague regulations and there are a number of implementations coming into effect in 2018. Most regulations are aimed at data protection and quality where there are ongoing weaknesses. What systems and processes are being implemented to meet new rules while keeping up with existing rules and current C suite priorities? How are regulatory reporting efforts being integrated to create efficiencies? How can you avoid a patchwork of systems resulting from efforts to quickly address a new regulatory concern? Panelists will discuss:

  • How to align risk and reporting and map information from a metadata perspective
  • Strategies to fundamentally address data quality, privacy and data governance
  • How to link data quality to deliver results

Moderator: Mike Maffattone, MultiMix IT LLC. Panelists include: Jessica Chen, Senior Vice President, Compliance, Citi Sumanda Basu, Head of Data Management Technology, Societe Generale