Firms are realizing benefits from effective data management that incorporates data sources from across the enterprise. This includes the opportunity to leverage digitization solutions to efficiently format, catalog and store multi-media, physical documents and unstructured data. The types of data sources to be reined in span the enterprise and the opportunities to realize tangible business value are real. Listen to solution providers who can share proven strategies for setting up or expanding programs in the world of digitization to increase analytical capabilities, broaden customer service offerings and extend automation capabilities.

Panel Focus:

This technology-focused discussion will be centered around strategies financial services firms have effectively employed across the enterprise to organize data from multiple business lines and leverage it for new business opportunities. This relies on creating effective metadata, harvesting both structured and unstructured data from institutional data repositories as well as social media content, leveraging cloud services to make data access, storage and analysis efficient and investing in an effective suite of data management tools = BI, document management, etc.

Seminar Panelist: Michael Maffattone